Values of poker chips – how not to get confused?

Before starting to play any game that utilizes chips as currency, it is crucial to understand the different values of poker chips. Poker chips are available in different colors, where each color corresponds to a specific monetary value. Whether in private casino games or any other gambling games, poker chips are an essential part of the gaming process because they reduce the use of cash, which can be problematic. Indeed, they are the only type of ‘money’ accepted in most commercial poker rooms.

Values of poker chips

While the values of poker chips are not printed on a stone, there are ordinary standards used in most gambling events. Basically, a complete set of poker chips includes white, blue, red, green, and back chips. You might also encounter chipsets with additional colors, including grey, pink, yellow, purple, orange, light blue, and brown. Chipsets having other colors are common in larger tournaments that involve considerably high stakes.

So, you have decided to set up a poker home game and want to know the value of each chip. You are in the right place. Let’s have a glance at the different values of poker chips, depending on their colors.

Poker chip colors and their standards values

Playing poker games usually involve chips that have varying monetary values. Depending on your interests, you can purchase personalized poker chips that contain important images printed on the faces or are simply monogrammed. Regardless of your choice, the poker chip value is determined by its colors. Here are standard poker chip values by color.

  • white poker chip White – $1
  • yellow poker chip Yellow – $2
  • red poker chip Red – $5
  • blue poker chip Blue – $10
  • grey poker chip Grey – $20
  • green poker chip Green – $25
  • orange poker chip Orange – $50
  • black poker chip Black – $100
  • grey poker chip Pink – $250
  • purple poker chip Purple – $500
  • light blue poker chip Light Blue – $1,000
  • brown poker chip Brown – $5,000
  • Burgundy poker chip Burgundy – $1,000

It is noteworthy that these are standard poker chip values. Since there is no official rule for how poker chip values are assigned, the values may vary significantly in different states and poker rooms. For instance, in California, $5 poker chips are yellow, $10 poker chips are brown, and white poker chips are worth $100.

Poker chip values by color may also vary depending on what game you are playing. Chips count as money; therefore, it is a no-brainer to say that values are tailored to whatever game is at hand. Once you run out of chips when playing, it simply means you are out of the game.

different values of poker chips

High-denominations poker chips

Poker chips worth $5,000 are the most common with the highest denominations. As a matter of truth, there are chips whose value is above $5,000, but the general public barely sees them. This is because they are limited to special gambling zones that are segregated from the common floor.

Gambling games involving very high denominations use plaques. Plaques are highly valuable poker chips available in multiples of $1,000 and usually rectangular. They are nearly the size of a playing card. Plaques are common in the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the European Poker Tour (EPT), Poker Centre, and other BIG poker events.

Some of the values of plaques (rectangular poker chips) include

  • values of blue rectangular poker chips Blue Chips – $10,000 (EPT)
  • values of green rectangular poker chips Green chips – $25,000 (WSOP)
  • values of pink rectangular poker chips Pink EPT chips – $50,000 (EPT)
  • values of levanders rectangular poker chips Lavenders – $100,000 (WSOP)
  • values of beige rectangular poker chips Beige Chips – $250,000 (WSOP)

Plague colors can vastly differ depending on states, denominations, and games being played.

Non-standard chip values

As states earlier, the values of chips vary significantly depending on the game being played. There are some uncommon poker chip denominations used in the world of casinos, like $2.50, $8, $88, and $888 chips. Pink chips worth $2.50 are frequently used in blackjack games because a ‘natural 21’ typically pay 3-to-2.

Poker chips valued at $8, $88, and $888 are commonly used in casinos that cater to Chinese gamblers since Chinese culture considers ‘8’ as a lucky number. These poker chips come in various colors and might contain an image of the animal associated with the year. They are often used as a promotion for the Chinese Lunar New Year.


With poker chips being a vital factor in any poker game or tournament, it is imperative to know what poker chip value is assigned to each color. Understanding the values of poker chips plays an indispensable role when playing. Even with all this information, it is advisable to double-check things whenever you find yourself in a new casino or poker game.