3 card brag rules and hands

Have you been looking for a simple, easy, and entertaining casino card game to play? One of the different casino card games that will amaze you and keep you glued on the playing desk is the 3 Card Brag. While you move around the world, you will meet this game, the 3 Card Brag, and even online. But of course, you can’t enjoy or make it in this game if you don’t know its rules, the 3 card brag rules.

3 card brag rules hands and strategy

Maybe you are a beginner and interested in playing 3 Card Brag, don’t worry where to start. In this article, you will learn how to play 3 card brag, know the three-card brag rules, and know all necessary information related to this game. 

How to play 3 card brag?

3 Card Brag Rules, WHAT are they, and WHEN do I apply them? That is a question most players always ask when they are in a position to play the 3 Card Brag casino game. They see the game to be simple, and of course, it is easy to play, but you need to know its rules. Like any other casino game, the 3 Card Brag game has its rules. 

But just before diving into the rules of this game, did you know the 3 card brag game is not as recent as most known casino games are? In the world of casino gambling, 3-Card Brag has existed since the early eighteenth century. Across Europe, let say Britsh territory, this game was popular and most considered card game.

History of three card brag

Historically, across Great Britain, 3-Card Brag was the third popular played poker game. This history is in one of the famous published books in London, “The Hand-Book of Games” by H.G. Bohn in 1867. 

Therefore, the 3 Card Brag game has a long history. Like any other casino game played worldwide, this game has gone through several development stages to reach the one we have today. In other words, the 3 Card Brag game we have today is not like the traditional one; its rules and mode of playing have changed, making the game easy and enjoyable.

For example, there was no game playing online in the early days, but it has gone digitalized today. Therefore, you won’t strain much moving around the world searching where to play it, with computers and smartphones, you need only an internet connection then you get to go.

how to play 3 card brag gameplay

Preparing for the game

Do you want to know how to play a 3 Card Brag game? First of all, The Three Card Brag is full of bluffing strategies. It is played using a standard 52 card-park and with the exception of joker cards. The strategy used in the arrangement of the cards usually starts with the highest to low as follows, A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2.

The game starts when all players have received their three cards, usually facing down. Players are required to fold depending on their hand capability.

The game event takes several days; each game table will have six players in the first three days. Once everything is set ready, the game starts and progresses until only two players remain on the table. At this point, the two players go through a showdown at the end of the game, where the gambler holding the best hand is considered the winner.

The most tricky way to win this game is having a good hand and bluffing until the final stage. As you progress, consider tricking other players into thinking you have a good card, although you know you don’t have one. Eventually, they will go blind, and you get the chance to win during the showdown, although not guaranteed.

3 cards in three card brag rules hands and strategy

3 Card Brag Rules

Before starting the game, know these three Card Brag Rules as they will guide you throughout the game.

  • Each player must make an ante before the play starts and place subsequent stakes as the days go on.
  • A player will be required to raise a maximum bet subjective to the initial highest bet.
  • On the first day, a minimum stake placed should be equal to 5MB, then on the 2nd and 3rd day, a stake equal to 10MB and 20MB, respectively. Afterwards, there will be staking of the fee equal to 40MB and the rest of the game days.
  • On the table, a player can only reintroduce the stake upon permission by other players. That should only happen if the player has run out of cash but should raise the same amount as before.
  • The lowest amount of the stake on the table during the 1st day should be equal to 90MB, then on the 2nd and 3rd day, 180MB.
  • Other rules include, Never show your cards, Don’t ever fold out of turn, and never say something related to your hand.

3-Card Brag Hands

Here is the tricky and lucky that will determine what to win, the 3 Card Brag Hand. Mostly, if you have a higher hand than the dealer in this game, you will be lucky to win. In other words, your hand should be better or higher than that of other players. 

Do you want to know which hand is better or stronger in the 3 Card Brag game? See all Three Card Brag hands in the table below; arranged from the best(strongest) to low value( weakest). 

3 Card Brag Hand 

How it should appear/ What it should consist of


This is a “Three of a Kind”, say a “Pair Royal,” for example, 3- 3- 3, A- A- A, 2- 2- 2


Running Flush

This format is a Straight Flush.

Examples are 3- 2- A, A- K- Q . . . 4- 3- 2

Running flush


They are referred to as Straight, for example, 3- 2- A, A- K- Q . . . 4- 3- 2 



Examples of these cards include A- K- J . . . 5- 3- 2. These cards can be running flush or non three consecutive flush cards.



Examples are 5-5-10, A-A-K, 2-2-3, 8-8-J


High Card

Examples of the cards under this hand are J-6-3, A-K-J 

High card

3 Card Brag Strategy

The most 3 card brag strategy considered during this game is when having a Better hand or Queen-6-4. In other words, for you to be in an excellent position to win the game, whenever your high card is King or Ace, and the two other cards hold whichever points, place a bet.

When you realize your hand is not that high, or you have a Jack as high card without the limit of your other two cards, consider folding. As well, you should bet if your hand is Q-7 no matter the last card.


Playing 3 Card Brag games is one of the greatest opportunities you will have in the world of casino gambling and entertainment. To play this game and win all the time, you need to learn its rule, the 3 Card Brag rules. They are what the game is; without these rules at your fingertips, consider yourself out of play. If you want to learn how to play a 3 card brag game, go through the above strategies, know the rules, and dive into the world of casino champions. Good luck. Here you can find more info about brag games.