Best playing cards for poker

A premium quality deck of poker cards is the backbone of any poker game. Whether you are a veteran poker player or are trying to learn the game, having a reliable set of cards plays an indispensable role in elevating your overall experience. Therefore, you need to get the best playing cards for poker. 

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With many cards in the market labeled as the best, choosing reliable poker playing cars can present a significant challenge. Basically, you need to buy sturdy and durable cards that You can repeatedly use without wearing down. Since you want cards that will last through the years, design and cards’ material are major factors to keep an eye on. The secret is to avoid buying lousy quality and easily damaged cards; consider buying plastic playing cards. Period.

The best playing cards need to be intricately designed to add intrigue to your classic game, which also contributes to the game’s professionalism. Overall, the best playing cards for poker should be attractive, durable, washable, and reasonably priced. Regardless of your budget, you can get a set of good quality poker playing cards. 

Okay, now you know what to look for when buying your set of cards. Let’s have a look at the best playing cards for poker. 

Best playing cards for poker TOP 10

1. KEM Arrow Red and Blue Poker Size-Standard Index KEM Arrow Red and Blue

KEM poker playing cards are crafted from 100% cellulose acetate plastic and arguably the world’s finest playing cards. Because of their unparalleled durability, you will find them in nearly all casino spots, including WSOP and WPT. 

The cards in this two-deck set are strong and flexible, making them go-to cards for every serious poker player. They are washable, so you won’t have to replace your poker playing cards any soon. KEM playing cards coalesce boast with incredible features that none of the other cards can afford.

2. Copag Poker Size Regular Index poker playing cards

Copag is another brand ranked among the best playing cards in poker. Made of 100% plastic, this Copag Poker Jumbo green/burgundy double deck set will last for years of play. They are washable and resistant to bending and tearing. 

If you are fond of playing Texas Hold ’em, these poker playing cards might be your favorite. 

3. Bee 2 Decks (Red &Blue) of premium best playing cards for poker

Are you looking for incredibly stylish playing cards with an antique look? This premium quality deck of cards is all you want. Bee playing cards are plastic-coated with a distinctive cambric finish, making them a great option for casual games with friends. 

You will instantly recognize any set of Bed cards, thanks to their characteristic classic diamond-pattern backs. Give your games superior slip, snap, and feel with soft cards. 

4. Modiano Cristallo 4 PIP Jumbo Index plastic playing cards

A complete poker playing card solution is the best way to describe Modiano cards. These Modiano plastic playing cards are 100% plastic for durability, resilience, and washability. 

Elevate your poker playing experience with ultra-thick and versatile cards. Modiano didn’t aim for smoothness like other plastic-card-producing brands; instead, they create uniquely textured poker playing cards for a firm grip. If you are looking for premium quality cards that will last for ages, this is the best option. 

5. DA VINCI Route, Italian 100% poker cards

This double-deck set of 100% plastic washable playing cards are Italian-made, designed, and manufactured by Modiano. DA VINCI Route Regular Index Playing Cards rank among the world’s finest playing cards and are crafted to offer durability at a reasonable price. 

Although they might feel slicker than equivalents, they shuffle and play great. Due to the manufacturer’s trust in these poker playing cards, they come with a lifetime replacement warranty. 

6. KEM Arrow Black and Gold Bridge Size Jumbo Index KEM Arrow Black and Gold

This two-deck set of playing cards is 100% cellulose acetate plastic and comes in hards black plastic KEM box that augments the quality of your cards. The unique blend of paper and plastic promises exceptional flexibility without sacrificing strength and durability.

While the cards have a hefty price tag, they last for years of play that ensures a good return on investment. Because they are washable, these plastic playing cards boast of a professional look through the years. They are a good option if you are to play with kids or obstreperous poker players. 

They are break-resistant and easy to shuffle, and will never slip from your grasp when dealing. 

7. Copag Export Design 100% Copag Export Design Plastic playing Cards

These cards are unique in their own way and perfectly suitable for any poker game. Copag Poker Jumbo Export Design Playing Cards are 100% PVC plastic, so they are will last night after night of play,

Your cards will come in a durable and solid hard plastic case. You don’t have to worry about dirty cards because the set is completely washable. All you need is to wipe clean with a damp cloth and continue playing. 

8. Bicycle Standard Playing Cards Bicycle Standard best playing cards for poker

Bicycle Standard Playing Cards are extensively sold in most stores and widely used by the general public. They come in two packs of red and blue decks. You will get two decks in each order, each with 52 suited playing cards, two jokers, and two additional ad cards. 

These cards boast of air-cushion finishing for easy handling and shuffling. Bicycle playing cards are plastic-coated for durability but still feature a paper feel for an authentic traditional atmosphere. 

9. Brybelly Jumbo Index Plastic Coated Brybelly Jumbo best playing cards for poker

If you play a lot of casual poker games, you might consider buying in bulk. With Brybelly Plastic-coated Playing Cards, you will never run out of cards even when children repurpose your decks. You get a 12-pack of decks at an unbeaten price. These cards have unique graphics on their back and are designed to last.

10. Ritz 100% plastic Waterproof Ritz best playing cards for poker

This red deck and a blue deck of 100% plastic washable cards sit side by side in a plastic case with a clear top for display. If you want a traditional deck with plastic cards at a reasonable price, Ritz 100% Plastic Playing Cards might be your favorite. 


To get the best playing cards for poker, you will need to look for a perfect deck, depending on personal preferences. If you want cards that will last significantly longer, it is advisable to buy plastic cards. You will get premium-quality playing cards at whatever budget.

Frequently asked questions

❓ What are the top 10 poker cards?

  1. KEM Arrow Red and Blue Poker Size-Standard Index
  2. Copag Poker Size Regular Index;
  3. Bee 2 Decks (Red &Blue) of premium;
  4. Modiano Cristallo 4 PIP Jumbo Index;
  5. DA VINCI Route, Italian 100%;
  6. KEM Arrow Black and Gold Bridge Size Jumbo Index;
  7. Copag Export Design 100%;
  8. Bicycle Standard;
  9. Brybelly Jumbo Index Plastic Coated;
  10. Ritz 100% plastic Waterproof.

❓ Why are plastic cards better than paper cards?

You can wash plastic cards. They are more durable, so they won’t break so quickly. Some manufacturers even give a lifetime warranty on their plastic cards.