Pai Gow Poker Rules

The game of cards can be played with a slow pace, governed by the rules of the Pai-Gow Dominoes of Chinese history (Learn the rules of Chinese poker too.). The game is fun as a poker table can be home to several players. The goal of players is to take down any dealer’s hands. The article below we’ll examine Pai Gow poker on the internet, and Pai Gow poker rules and strategies.

pai gow poker strategy and odds

Pai Gow Poker Online, the basics

The game can be quite enjoyable but understanding the rules could be a bit challenging. Let’s look at the Pai Gow poker rules, and learn them to ensure that we play easily through this game.

Let’s first clarify how to play Pai Gow poker and how the Pai Gow poker strategy is carried out.

As you would expect that it is played with 52 cards in the deck, as well as a joker. It is possible to have a limit of players that can be seated at the table is 6, and the dealer allows seven.

The goal of the sport is to defeat the banker in order to be successful. The banker could be a dealer, a dealer-player “team” or even a participant at the table all the time.

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In order to play the game it is necessary to make two poker hands using seven cards dealt with:

  • It is the 2-card “low” hand (it is also known as the front hand or small hand)
  • Five cards are the “high” hand, which is sometimes known as the big hand or backhand.

The trick is that your high hand must be able to outsmart the lower hand. In the case of, for instance, if your lower hand is one fives, your high hand has to be more that the pairs of fives. When you have your hands set, the dealer will show them together alongside the banker’s hand. So, there’s an opportunity to choose from three possible possibilities:

  • A player may be successful in one hand, while the dealer is winning the other. In this scenario, the hand becomes basically a push. take note that the hand does not alter any amount of money (The only cash that players are able to explain can be described as commission).
  • A situation in which the gambler wins using both hands. In this instance, the player eventually loses his bet.
  • The scenario in which players win both hands and this implies that the player is winning the bet.

It would be helpful to know it is that when playing Pai Gow Poker the tie falls directly to the player. For instance the case where you and the dealer playing a low hand, such as A-K, the winnings go towards the dealer.

pai gow poker rules online

How can you be a Pai-Gow player? How to play Pai Gow Poker

The game is played using an innovative deal technique. After the cards have been placed in a pile, the dealer arranges them in seven piles, face down that comprise seven cards. There are two cards for the dealer, and another for players. There are four cards that aren’t normally utilized and placed on a pile to be discarded.

The most interesting thing about this is that prior to the introduction of shufflers to cards The dealer dealt the cards in piles and then created them into the shape of the dragon with a body, tail and head.

The set is assigned an amount ranging between 1 and 7. The selection of a random number that is chosen to determine the first person to get the card. The next step is the dealer handing out cards in a counter-clockwise manner.

Pai Gow poker rules for beginners

It is the Pai Gow Poker Rules that can be confusing for novice players.

Two rules of the game are constantly confusing first-timers. The first one concerns the way jokers are treated.

What does the joker symbolize when playing the Pai-Gow poker game?

Well, in this particular game players have the option of using the joker to finish flushes and straights. If that option isn’t accessible, you must consider it an Ace. Be aware that it’s not a wildcard that can be used in any way you’d like. In fact, it is restricted to the following scenarios:

  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Ace

If a joker appears in various other games of the casino In most instances it is a representation of whatever hand decides to do to it. It could be helpful in when filling a casino by combining any number of. The joker, however, does not function similarly when playing this particular game. The joker is an option to complete straights or flushes. Furthermore straight flushes can be a good example of this category. If you’re holding a joker and you’re not in a situation to complete straights or flushes the joker will be considered an Ace. Many first-time players are thrilled to have a Joker included in their deck, however they aren’t aware the value of it is restricted.

pai gow hand rankings odds and strategy

The other Pai Gow poker rules that can confuse beginners is that your five cards must always be higher than your two-card hand.

Pai Gow Poker Rules: Online Casinos vs. Land-based Casinos

The rules are the same no matter if you are playing the game in a traditional casino or on the internet. However, there are slight variations. For instance that in a casino on land there could be at least six players around the dealer while when playing online, players are playing with the dealer.

Another distinction is that the software does not allow you to split seven cards into five-card and the two-card hand, when you play online. If you attempt to split the cards and do an error in splitting it will result in losing the bet immediately.

Pai Gow Hand Rankings

It starts with the two-card hand. The most effective combination you could have is an Ace and a Joker or a Joker with an Ace. The ranking of the pair decreases to a pair of 2’s. If, for any reason, your two-hand hand doesn’t contain two cards, the top card is the winner. The easiest method to be ranked on the table is to use two cards in your hand.

how to play pai gow poker

You should be aware that flushes are not relevant in a two-card hand. As you ascend in order of their value the order of ranking is the following:

  • High-end card.
  • Single pair.
  • Double pair.
  • A trio of three
  • Flush
  • Full house.
  • Four of one kind.
  • Straight flush.
  • Royal flush.
  • If you have five cards the most winning combination you could have is Joker and four Aces. It’s equivalent to being able to hold five Aces.

It is important to note that there an exception to the standard poker rankings. This hand rates an Ace-2-3-4-5 lower, while the Ace-KQ-J-10 is higher. In addition it is important to remember that the highest card in straights determines the value. An excellent example is the combination of Q-J-10-9-8 is superior to a mixture of 9-8-7-6-5.

How the game is played

Pai Gow Poker Strategy

It is essential to believe the fact that Pai Gow Poker isn’t a difficult game from a strategic point viewpoint. There aren’t any gambling decisions to make throughout the process. Your only wager you’ll be making is the one that you place at the beginning of your hand, and you’ll not be required to consider other bets, regardless of whether they’re worthwhile to make.

But, you have to make some crucial decisions about how you’ll arrange the cards that you are playing. It is essential to keep in mind that your lowest (high) hand should always be lower than your highest (low). Keep in mind your mind focused on the most successful possible outcome.

For a successful move on this particular game it is necessary to beat both dealers hands. So, having a solid hand in the back and simultaneously holding a nine-high on the top isn’t going to work.

Cards and chips on computer

For example, if you hold a mixture comprising K Q, J,10,9 and 9, you are able to choose between creating it as follows;

  • 9,9/K/K/Q J, 9, 9 (That combo of robust hand and a solid top hand)
  • Q J/K 9, 10, (The combination is extremely powerful bottom hand as well as an ineffective top hand)
  • K 9/K Q J 9 (The combination is exceptionally strong hand on the bottom, and an extremely weak top hand.)

The most effective strategy is to know how to organize your cuts to create an effective combination of the hand that is on the top and the bottom.

Pai Gow Poker Odds

The game comes with a standard house edge of approximately 2.84 percent. There are a variety of methods of reducing the house edge to 1.42 percent. It is possible to do this by playing a game called “Banker”.


Pai Gow Poker online and the real thing is an amazing game that offers a lot of enjoyment. However, knowing the rules and strategies of the game will allow you to get the best results and increase your Pai Gow poker odds.