How to play 5 card draw?

Before Texas Holdem became the world’s most popular variant of poker, Five Card Draw was the most prominent poker game. Even poker enthusiasts who spend their ‘lifetime’ grinding Omaha and Hold’em have had initial experiences learning how to play 5 card draw poker.

Straight combinations in 7 card draw and 5 card draw games

Considered as the simplest variant of poker, a 5 card draw is often the first variant learned by new players. Although it is rarely found in casinos and tournaments, you will find it being played nearly in every house and at parties. Five card draw benefits from its simplicity and less complicated strategic decisions, which makes it simple for everyone to play. Unlike other variants, this variation doesn’t need much math.

If you want, you can try another poker game that doesn’t have community cards – stud poker.

5 card draw rules and the objective

The 5 card draw’s objective is relatively simple: Making the best 5 card hand possible after the first draw, then bet accordingly. Hands are revealed after the second round of betting, where the player with the highest hand wins the pot.

Sadly, you won’t find many poke rooms spreading five card draw. However, there are many opportunities to play this classic poker online.

You just bought your deck, so now it is time to play. While there are many variants of poker, you need to start with a more straightforward game. Fortunately, poker rules are similar in that you aim to make the best hand. In this article, you will learn how to play 5 card draw and specific rules of the game. Keep reading!

Cards in the hands - Five card draw

How to play 5 Card Draw poker

Like most forms of poker, the five Card draw is played using an ordinary 52-card deck, which is usually shuffled before every hand. Each player is dealt five cards in this game, where the dealer starts with the player seated right to his/her left and deals one card until every player gets five cards with face down.

After players are dealt five cards, the initial round of betting follows. After the first betting round, Players can opt to abandon up to five cards in their starting hand and get news cards to help them make the best and highest 5 card hand. If you are okay with the cards you were dealt with, you can decide not to change them, which is still okay. This tendency of not drawing any cards is called “standing pat.”

After the draw, the second round of betting follows. If more than one player is remaining, players table their hands to determine the best hand, and consequently, the player having the best high hand wins.

Note: Suits are irrelevant in the five Card draw and are never used in determining who wins. If two or more players have a similar hand, which happens to be winning hands, they share the pot equally. The criteria for determining a winner in the five Card draw varies significantly when there are ties.

5 card draw hands, rules and strategy

5 Card Draw hands and hand rankings and pre-draw odds

5 Card Draw and 7 card draw is among the high variants of poker. Understanding the hand rankings will help you make an informed decision whenever you draw cards. Like its fellow high poker variants, it follows high-hand guidelines. A royal flush wins in any game, and a high card makes the weakest hand you can make. Concerning 5 Card Draw rules, here are the poker hand rankings ranging from highest to lowest.

Royal Flush(<0.001%):

This is the highest natural hand formed by a straight flush that runs from 10 to Ace. This winning hand usually has great odds—for example, A♠ K♠ Q♠ J♠ 10♠.

Straight Flush (<0.002%)

It constitutes five consecutive cards belonging to one suit. For example, 5♠ 6♠ 7♠ 8♠ 9♠.

Four of a Kind (0.02%)

If you are lucky to have four cards having a shared value and any other value, you have Four of a Kind—for example, 7♠ 7♦ 7♥ 7♣ K♠.

Full house (0.14%)

Full house combines Three of a Kind and one pair in the same hand—for example, 7♥ 7♣ 7♠ K♠ K♦.


Flush is a common hand in 5-Card Draw poker. It is where all five cards in hand are from one suit but not necessarily being in a row. For example, K♦ 10♦ 8♦ 6♦ 5♦.

Straight (0.39%)

This is a five-card hand where all five cards form a row but belong to different suits. For example, 7♠ 8♦ 9♥ 10♣ J♠.

Three of a Kind (2.11%)

Here, a player combines three cards of one value and two random cards; otherwise, it would make a full house. For example, A♥ A♣ A♠ 10♣ J♠.

Three of a kind - how to play 5 card draw

Two pairs (4.75%)

This is two distinct pairs of cards (two cards of one value and two cards of another value) and one random card—for example, A♣ A♠ 7♦ 7♥ Q♣.

One pair (42.30%)

One pair is when you combine two cards of the same value and three random cards—for example, A♥ A♣ 4♠ 10♣ 7♠.

High card (50.10%)

This is a hand that doesn’t make any combination – all five cards are random and from different suits—for example, A♠ K♦ 10♥ 9♣ 4♠.

5 Card Draw strategy – Betting

Before playing, you need to understand the game’s betting structure. Five Card Draw betting structure is like that of Texas Hold’em. Every hand starts posting their bets with a small blind then a big blind. The betting structure determines what amount you can wager. Fortunately, the five Card draw is played in all three formats.

No Limit

You can bet anything from single-blind to all your chips at any point, provided it is your torn.

Pot Limit

This format allows you to size your bets, but you can bet up to the pot’s size.

Fixed Limit

Bets are fixed, and you can bet in increments of a pre-determined limit corresponding to the pot’s size.

Bottom line

Understanding how to play 5-Card draw and the 5-Card Draw rules are what makes a difference. Although it is painless to learn how to play this poker variant, you won’t jump to pro in one day. You will need to practice often and know what cards to discard when your turn is drawn. That will apparently yield great results.

Frequently asked questions

❓ What is the percentage of pre-draw odds when making combinations?

  • Royal Flush(<0.001%);
  • Straight Flush (<0.002%);
  • Four of a Kind (0.02%);
  • Full house (0.14%);
  • Flush (0.20%);
  • Straight (0.39%);
  • Three of a Kind (2.11%);
  • Two pairs (4.75%);
  • One pair (42.30%);
  • High card (50.10%).

❓ How many personal cards are in a 5 card draw game?

There are 5 personal cards in this game.

❓ How many community cards are in a 5 card draw game?

There are no community cards in this game.