Poker terms and phrases

Poker is a game that is not so easy to understand. Basic poker terms and phrases are unique, so you should read this before the first hand. When you understand the essenceof poker terminology, everything becomes clearer immediately.

Basic poker terms and phrases - terminology - chips and cards

Poker terms and phrases



the player builds all the chips he has


a mandatory bet that must be made by all players before the first hand



when the player who started the betting round bets any amount

betting round

the stage of the game during which players can bet, fold, raise and call. After each round of betting, additional cards are opened or dealt

blind bet

a mandatory bet that only one player has to make. After the flop, the players who made the blinds play first. More on this in the article poker table positions.


when a player has weak cards but still bets because he expects other players to fold


5 community cards face up on the table (Texas Hold’em and Omaha) or 4 player cards face up on the table (7 card Stud)



when a player bets the same amount as another player bets. In this case, you don’t fall out of the game, but you don’t have to raise.


when a player does nothing and watches what others will do. Check can only be done when no one has bet before


the player does not bet anything and, having received another person’s bet, raises it during his turn


plastic or ceramic rollers are used instead of money

community cards

cards face up on the table that can be used by all players


cards that go one after the other (e.g. queen and king)

crying call

a call that a player makes but does not want to do because he believes there will still be disaster

cut-off seat

place to the right of the dealer (Texas Hold, and Omaha)



a card that is completely unsuitable for the cards the player has

dealer button

a poker chip that indicates which player is the dealer. This player will be the last to place bets (Texas Hold’em and Omaha). At the end of the patio, this poker chip is passed to the player to the left


double card

door card

first card opened by the player (Stud)

down card

any face-down card that belongs to a particular player


a combination that is unfinished, so it’s worth nothing. For example, when a row combination is missing one card

draw out

when a player receives the correct card and wins as a result



an average loss or average profit is made in a given betting round


fit the flop

Compatibility of player’s cards with cards lying on the table (Texas Hold’em and Omaha)


the first three community cards


make a combination of your own cards and three that lie on the table (Texas Hold’em and Omaha)


withdraw from the game by discarding cards. Otherwise it can be called passing

full off

the word is used to describe a complete house of house cards


gut shot straight

when one middle card is missing to form a consecutive hand. For example, a player has 6,7,9 and 10 and is missing 8 to complete a combination


hand reading

when it is assumed which cards the opponent has. To do this, the player analyzes the opponent’s bets and visually visible cards


when only two players compete against each other

hitting the flop

when the first three community cards match perfectly with the player’s personal cards (Texas Hold’em and Omaha)

hole cards/private cards

cards used only by the player who received them


implied odds

the expected ratio of the price of the bet or answer to other bets to the potential win


kicker (side card)

an extra card that becomes important when two players make equal combinations. For example: a pair or two pairs


miracle card

a very hard-earned card with which the player makes a very high hand


nut flush

the highest possible flush  combination


the highest possible hand



a poker variant in which players receive 4 personal cards and 5 cards are dealt face up on the table. Combinations must be made up of three community cards + 2 personal cards

on tilt

unsuccessful party. When a player has good cards, but they are defeated by the opponent’s initial inferior cards


cards that could improve the available combination


playing zone

players’ favorite cards. In Texas Hold’em, they are eight and up

pocket pair

when a pair consists of a player’s personal cards


a card game in which players bet for the best combination of their cards. Attempts are also made to convince opponents that the cards available are very good for opponents to fold.


chips built by players that later go to the winner


when the bet amount cannot be higher than the amount in the bank at that time

pot odds

the ratio of the amount of the pot to the amount the player bets

put someone on a hand

try to predict what cards your opponent has. To analyze this, you need to keep an eye on which cards are dealt on the table, how your opponent bets or raises, know his style of play



raising a previous bet


raising a bet that has already been raised

the river

the last card dealt before the last round of betting begins


semi bluffing

when a person bets even though he has poor cards. If you later have to fold, it counts as a bluff. When cards are not discarded, they can be improved on other betting rounds


three of a kind

seven-card stud

in this version of poker, players receive two face-down cards, 4 cards are dealt face up on the table, and finally 1 more face-down card is dealt. The winner is the one who makes the best 5-card hand


the time when the bets end and the cards need to be opened


game tactics where a player has strong cards but plays as if he should be weak


a betting round that begins with the opening of the card or cards



the player’s behavior, which gives hints about his cards

Texas Holdβ€˜em

a poker variant in which players receive 2 face-down cards and 5 community cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table

top pair

a pair consisting of a single player card and the highest community card (Texas Hold’em)


triad card


three cards of the same value

the turn

fourth community card (Texas Hold’em and Omaha)



a player who is afraid to play and loses as a result. He only plays with good cards, and when he has others, he quickly folds


the lowest possible straight combination

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