5 card stud rules vs. 7 card stud rules

Every poker’s target is the pot with all great bets made by other poker players in a single deal. It is the goal of players to win the best pot. However, to get this chance, you must know 5 card stud rules and 7 card stud rules. Stud poker refers to either of these poker variants where the place gets mixed face-down and face-up poker cards. The dealer dealt these cards in many betting rounds. The face-up cards are the better hand than the face-down. But the game is non-positional, so players can change their positions every round if they wish to do so.

4 cards - 5 card and 7 card stud poker rules

If you want, you can try another poker game that doesn’t have community cards – 5 card draw.

5 card stud rules

The 5 card stud poker remains the oldest card game played by pokers. Americans invented it during the Second World War. This game has rules that all players must follow.

What are the rules for 5 card stud?

To play 5-card stud, you should have at least a standard card pack with 52 pieces and a group of as many as 10 people can play.

The game begins with every player dealt two cards where one faces down and the other one up. According to the 5 card stud rules, this is followed by a “bring in” and a round of bets. Now, the remaining player or players get a card facing up.

In the 5 card stud game, every betting round has a name – a street. So players refer to them as First Street or Second Street instead of first round and second. The game is played until people get five cards. Where the initial card remains facing down while four cards face up. One more betting round takes place after the last face-up card is dealt with. The dealer follows that turned up the cards, and the person, who has the best hand, takes the pot.

No Blinds

In the 5 card stud, there are no blinds. All players place bets worth the same amount. That happens even before the cards deal. This is “antes,” and once each player has placed their antes, they get two cards, one card face down and the other one up. The player with the lowest card showing has to start off the game.

Amount to bet

4 jacks - rules for 5 card stud

Stud games have limits because your bets have to be within a certain range. The first two streets are small units, but as players proceed, they double the amount. Since the stud doesn’t have blinds, it is always the strengths of hands showing that determines who will play first. In the first round of betting, the low card showing is the first one to bring in, but in the other rounds or streets, it’s the high hand showing the kick-starts the game.

Amount to bet

5 card stud rules are clear on the amount you can bet. The amounts are limited in different streets. But typically, the amount is smaller in the first two streets compared to the others.

7 Card stud rules

The 7 card stud is an old game that has exciting poker variants. It came before the Omaha and Holdem games. In the game, you get the cards facing down and four facing up. 7 card stud rules state that the game can be played by players ranging from two to eight. The players’ goals are to win many chips for a pot in every round. You can break the rules of this game into four points, namely:

  • Set up;
  • The bring;
  • Rounds of betting;
  • Show down 7 card poker hands.

Game set up

To play the 7 card stud, you set up the table and give all players some chips. It would help if you got combined chips to get a huge bet. A large bet refers to bets double the small bets. The small bets are like a small token. To increase chances of winning, play using small stakes.

Royal flush and chips - 7 card stud poker hands


It is hard for most to participate in large games because their ante remains small. Betting in the first two rounds is done by increasing the small bet. The ante is mostly 10% of the huge bet. A good example is $5/$10 means $5 is the small bet, while $10 is the biggest one. The 7 card stud rules have a cap and will not rise beyond a specific amount.

Ante and Bring

All players must do ante as soon as the dealer shuffles the cards. All the money goes to the pot; the ante money is referred to as dead because players cannot have it back unless they play and win. The player sitting on the dealer’s left side plays first, and the game moves clockwise around the table. The dealer must deal with players who have two cards facing down before moving to the on-card facing up. The cards facing up has the name – hole cards and down cards. The cards facing up are referred to as show cards or up cards.

Who plays first?

Like other poker games, 7 card stud rules determine where the action begins. The player with the lowest value card up will play first. Here is what every player must know regarding the bring:

  • 7 card stud hands. All cards from the lowest to the top arranged as follows: Jack, Queen, and King. Aces are regarded as high for the bring and are ranked higher than the king.
  • Aces are also good for the bring
  • Suits determine who wins the game if two players have the same card value. Good examples are clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades.

Stud card games offer poker variation with a rich history. Whether you choose to play 5 card stud or 7 card stud, you must be attentive and practice a lot to gain skills. This type of game remains the best among many poker games played around for demands now and a game enjoyed a lot by the participants. The two games are interesting, thanks to the two variations. 5 and 7 card games are easy for most players who like poker. For the learners, this is a game that you should give a try. Play this game and get the best 5 card and 7 card poker hands.

Frequently asked questions

❓ How many personal cards are in a 5 card stud game?

Players gets 5 personal cards in this game.

❓ How many personal cards are in a 7 card stud game?

Players gets 7 personal cards in this game.

❓ How many community cards are in stud games?

In this game there are no community cards.