How to play Texas Holdem? Poker rules

Texas Holdem is a different game than the poker you may have watched on TV or seen your friends playing. If you don’t know, how to play Texas Holdem game, then this guide will be helpful to learn Texas Holdem poker rules. Other poker tips for beginners.

Cards and chips - How to play Texas Holdem? Easy Texas Holdem poker rules

The Objective

Your objective in the game of Poker is to win all the money in the pot. Poker pot is the accumulation of player bets gathered in the middle of the table. How to play Texas Holdem poker game and win his pot?You may accomplish this in a couple of ways: first, have the highest ranking hand at the game’s showdown; or second, cause all the other players to fold and drop out of play. About Texas Holdem tournament strategy.

How to Play Texas Holdem poker for Beginners?

Poker Texas Holdem is played with a standard 52 card deck containing four suites of thirteen cards each: clubs, diamonds, spades, and hearts. The cards are valued in descending order with the Ace being the most powerful and followed by the picture cards or face cards: King, Queen, Jack; followed by the number cards: ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, to and finally two (the deuce).

The suits have no basic value in the determination of winning hands. It is the combination of cards and not the individual cards that determine the value of a player’s hand.

The number of players can be from 2 to 10 in each playing table. But with sufficient tables and space, it can accommodate thousands of players in a single poker tournament.

Cards and chips - texas holdem how to play

Easy Texas Holdem rules

First round of betting (Pre-flop)

Texas Holdem how to play? The game starts. The dealer first gives each player two cards starting from the one on his left and ending with himself. The first and second players to the left of dealer is blind bettors. They must post blind bets to the pot before play begins. The first blind bettor places a “small blind”. The second player places a “big blind” that is twice the value of the “small blind”. Players use poker chips when betting.

The subsequent players can:
  • Bet (with any amount);
  • Check (make no bet at all and pass play to the next player).

If he places a bet or if someone else does, then the other players can either:

  1. Call (Match the bet amount);
  2. Fold (Give up all the chips they have placed in the pot);
  3. Raise (Put more chips in the pot).
5 color chips - rules for poker texas holdem

Once a bet is placed, a player no longer has the option of checking his turn. To remain an active player, he must either call the bet – place an amount of money equal to the bet into the pot; or he can raise – call the bet and make an additional bet on top of the bet called. If a player doesn’t want to bet, he must fold. Each subsequent player is in turn faces with these same options: call, raise, or fold.

To continue playing for the pot, a player must call the original bet and any raises that were made, or he may fold his cards if he doesn’t want to call the bets and raises that preceded.

When play returns around again to the original bettor, he must call any previous raises to continue as an active player or he must fold.

The turns will continue for all the players until all the chips are now in the middle. This is the first betting round and once it’s over.

five cards and chips - how to play texas holdem poker

Second round of betting

The dealer now puts three cards to the board that are facing up. These are community cards that are accessible by everyone and are known as the flop.

The next round of betting begins, starting with the big blind bettor, or, if he has folded, the player in the next active position to his left.

Everyone is also can to either fold or raise.

Rules for Texas Holdem – Third betting round

Once the second round is over, the dealer puts the fourth card on the table. All players can access this card with name “turn”. Players now have a total of six cards to form their best hand. Each player also gets a chance to check, bet, fold, or raise. Betting on this round also begins with the blind, or, if he has folded, the next active player to his left.

Two kings - no limit texas holdem poker game

Fourth round of betting

The fifth card known as the river follows and is also accessible by everyone. The betting procedure is again analogous.

The cards are turned over and the winner of the hand is determined

If there is more than one player after the fifth round, then the cards are exposed, and one with the highest-ranking hands takes the jackpot.

No limit Texas Holdem

The market boasts of a wide variety of poker games but only a few can match the popularity and simplicity of No-Limit Holdem. The game features a unique strategy, random chance, psychology, and number-crunching that is hard to find in other games.

Frequently asked questions

❓ How many people can play Texas Holdem?

2 to 10 players can play at one table.

❓ How many personal cards does each player receive?

All people receive two personal cards that are not visible to other players.

❓ How many community cards is dealt on the table?

In total, the dealer turns over 5 community cards on the table.

❓ How do I make Texas Holdem combinations?

  • You can make combinations from:
  • two personal and three community cards;
  • one personal and four community cards;
  • five community cards.

❓ What are the stages of the Texas Holdem game?

  • preflop (before splitting three community cards);
  • flop (opening of three community cards);
  • turn (opening of the fourth community card);
  • river (opening of the fifth community card);
  • showdown.