Types of poker players – poker psychology

Like any other game, poker has its classification of players based on the playing hands they use and the style they use to play. The playing style that the opponents use can be distinguished by the starting hand and the betting pattern. In this article, you will read about poker psychology and different types of poker players.

4 different types of poker players

You might have heard terms like β€œTAG,” β€œROCK,” or even β€œcalling station” if you are a poker fan. The latter terms are poker opponent terms and classifications for various poker playing styles if you are a newbie to poker games. Learning the types of players in a poker game will help you with strategies to use while playing. The following are major poker players classified by the playing style and type of starting hand.

Types of poker players

Tight-passive poker styles Poker player types - tight-passive poker

A tight-passive poker or the rock is a bingo player who rarely bet, rarely raises, and only plays using a few hands. This kind of player is the most infuriating player to play against at a bingo table. A tight passive poker has nothing that interests them more than the premium hand where there is a ninety percent winning chance for them.

They usually sit through several hands as it pleases them, only wagering blinds. Any ace, queen, or king that might come to their interest will only be piqued unless the flop goes their way. These players are the most straightforward players to spot at any poker table, and an opponent should pick them out around five hands. While their tacts limit their losses, they also restrict their wins because they are the easiest to read. So other players will always fold the rock rises immediately.

Strategies to use when playing with a Tight-passive player

  • When the rock sits on in the blinds, steal them with a 3BB raise from the previous position.
  • Play with the best starting hands and fold the remaining fold cards whenever the tight passive player raises the preflop or bets.
  • Always check the drawing hand on the flop if you have any because you will be able to see the next board card for free as rocks rarely bet.

Tight-aggressive poker tight-aggressive poker

A tight-aggressive poker (TAG) is a player that only plays a few hands. Unlike a tight passive player, the tight-aggressive player frequently raises or bets to ensure that the opponents pay them a steep price to see the future hands. However, this player rarely makes calls to his strong hands. Multitablingregulars in MTT’s and SnG’s are good examples of this type of player. Whenever this player elects a hand, they will play it aggressively. You can easily spot this player by watching the number of hands they play with and how aggressively they use them. And they are likely to play fifteen to twenty percent of hands in a single orbit. These players keep their chips in stacks of twenty, and at times the chips have stripes at the side of the lined-up chip. They neatly and crisply bet. their range usually changes depending on their position.

Strategies to use when playing with a Tight-aggressive player

  • Steal the blinds if you are in a late position; that is if they are playing tight. Hold a strong h hand and check them on the flop if you are out of position.
  • Learn the tight aggressive strategy for you to beat them. Also, try to reduce the number of TAG plates at your table or completely avoid them.

Loose-passive poker loose-passive poker

A loose-passive types of poker players or the calling station plays with many starting hands and rarely raises or bet. Most loose-passive players are mostly newbies or beginners. Once they hit the flop, they won’t bet again because they fear that their opponents might fold. They usually call the bets anyway when they win or miss the defeat. Such players rarely make profits in online poker games as the style they employ is quite loose. They play based on luck instead of using skills. They are the experienced plates’ bane because they rarely know how to read and make a call.

Strategies to use when playing with a Loose-passive poker player

  • Only bet when you have good hands; if you try to bluff a loose passive player, they will call you bluffs.
  • Ensure you make the preflop raise higher than the usual with strong hands if the calling station is in the blinds or hands.
  • Fold your medium-strength hands if the player bets or raises

Loose-aggressive poker player types loose-aggressive poker

A loose-aggressive poker or a LAG is a player who frequently raises or bets and usually plays many hands. However, such players are calls for a chance.

Strategies for playing with the LAGs

  • Play as many hands as possible again the loose aggressive
  • Isolate the LAG with your strong hands whenever they bet before the flop
  • Often check and wait for a loose aggressive payer to the bets if they have a position in you.

Other types of poker players

Men analyses opponent poker psychology and his poker playing styles
  • The nit: This is the most cowardly of the pork players who fold much of the very few hands. Such players play to bets from opponents. Some loose-aggressive players and most tight open players are Nits.
  • The maniac: A manic player is very loose but very aggressive at the same time.
  • The coffee houser: Coffees Hoosiers use trash talks to influence their opponents and break their confidence.
  • Mr. ABC poker: This type of poker player always plays right and abides by the rules. They have a profound understanding of blind structures both inside and out and usually nail a simple elementary poker play.


While playing a poker game, it is crucial to know your opponents. But knowing the techniques to use while playing with them is the most critical skill in poker. The skills will help you grab yourself a considerable profit. Moreover, the best and more comfortable way to get many profits is to ensure you get high bonuses from a poker room. Poker games have various types of players who employ different playing techniques. So, if you want to venture into poker, first identify the type of player your opponent uses proper styles to defeat them.

Frequently asked questions

❓ What are the types of poker players?

There are four common types of poker players:

  • Tight-passive;
  • Tight-aggressive;
  • Loose-passive;
  • Loose-aggressive.

❓ How do Tight Passive poker players play?

  • Less hands;
  • More calls.

❓ How do Tight-aggressive poker players play?

  • Less hands;
  • More bets and raises.

❓ How do Loose-passive poker players play?

  • More hands;
  • More calls.

❓ How do Loose-aggressive poker players play?

  • More hands;
  • More bets and raises.