Let it Ride Poker Rules, Hands, and Strategy

Let it Ride is a poker game that forces players to place three bets. Unlike normal Texas Holdem poker, in which players have the option of folding their hands before the flop, Let it Ride allows players to see all three cards, only after which they may fold their hands. This article will discuss the Let it Ride poker rules, hands, and strategy.

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Let it Ride Poker Rules

This is the most basic of poker games. Let it Ride rules include;

The Blind Bet

For every game, the blind is $5,000, and players are allowed to bet as much as they want. Each player must place an equal amount of money into the pot (known as “players’ Pot Funds” in this article). Once a bet has been placed, each player may either fold or call. As with other poker games, the remaining players may only fold if the player is all-in.

The Flop

Once each player has made a bet with at least half of their funds in the pot, three community cards are flipped face up. These cards are known as “the Flop”. If any of the three community cards form a combination (with an Ace high or Ace low) and there is another card in the same suit that is higher than 10, then that combination becomes a Straight. A Straight can only be established if the players have all three cards in the same suit. If each player has only two of the same cards, and both are higher than 10, they form a “Full House”. A Full House is considered stronger than a Straight because of its increased odds.

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The Turn and River

After seeing their opponent’s flop, each player will now check (called “passing”) or bet their remaining funds. If a player has a “full hand”, he or she will check, whereas a player holding only one card will bet. If the flop is itself a Straight, the turn is declared worthless.

The final rule is that a player should use the river card if it adds another card to the combination for it to become a Full House. In contrast, if there are three cards of the same suit and both are lower than 10, then two of them lose their value, and only one becomes worthless.

Let it Ride Strategy

In addition to the Let it Ride poker rules, it is important to know the strategy of Let it Ride poker and its variations. When a player has a “full hand”, his entire action will be betting. If the flop does not form a Straight, then he will win the pot if he can bet again on the turn or river.

let it ride card game strategy

Following this Let it Ride strategy, you must bet when you are all-in, which will make the dealer declare your hand worthless on the turn or river card.

If you are not holding a “full hand”, then you must evaluate what combinations your opponents might have.

Indeed, winning is possible by knowing the strongest combination your opponent may hold. If your opponents are all-in and you are not, then bet all of your funds. On the other hand, if they remain in the game with a smaller amount of funds, then check.

When you are all-in, and your opponents have a smaller amount of funds, you must determine whether or not they have a “full hand”. If one player has bet more than half of their funds, then your chances are good that they are holding a “full hand”. In this case, bet only half of the remaining amount.

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How to play Let it Ride poker online or at your home?

There are several tips on how to play Let it Ride card game and increase your chances of winning. These tips include;

  • It is essential to have a “full hand”. If you have a combination without an Ace in the high or low, then your chances of winning are greatly decreased. Once you do have your “full hand”, bet all of your funds. Remember that if you are not holding a “full hand”, then consider what combinations your opponents may hold (or might be able to hold).
  • Try to play with professionals. If no professionals are present, then it is best to stay out of the poker game.
  • For beginners, it is best to play with virtual money. If you are a beginner and play with real money, then you will have no chance of winning. Try to avoid playing poker Let it Ride online with real money if you are a beginner.
  • In Let it Ride poker, bet all of your funds only when you are all-in. Consider checking if your opponents remain in the game with few funds.
  • It is best to see the virtual money before playing with real money.
  • If you are going to play with real money, then make sure that you will not be addicted.
  • Try to develop strategies for Let it Ride poker as well as other poker games so that you can become a professional and win more than losing.
  • If you are losing too much money, then try to avoid playing this game to protect your finances.
let it ride poker rules

The “Let it Ride” poker variant, a variation of Let It Ride, can be played in two major ways:

Straight or Flush Variation 

The “Straight or Flush” is a general combination of having 6 cards of the same suit. For example, four 7s. This is all possible if you have an Ace and at least one 7 in your hand. It is rare to have a flush in this game because there are only five community cards that can make a flush possible. This is the least popular variation of Let it Ride poker.

Flop Perfect Play

The “Perfect Play” involves having the best combination you can get on the flop, involving cards that are higher than 10. The perfect play involves 6 cards, and each card has to be higher than 10. For example, four 7s. This version is the more popular variation of Let it Ride poker, and it is one of the most difficult to master.

The best hand consists of three cards, I and two cards higher than 10. These are known as “three-card”, “second-best” or a “full house”. If a player has two cards higher than 10, then this is known as a “second-best” hand. On the other hand, if you have only one card higher than 10 and all three of your cards are I, then this is known as a “three-card”.

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The best hand in poker is 5 low to 7 high. These combinations are known as “two-card”, “third-best” or “one pair”. This combination is always lower than 10, and there must be three of your cards. Additionally, if there are two cards in the same suit, then this hand will be stronger than a “three-card” or “second-best”.

In addition to the types of hands mentioned above, there is another type of hand known as the “four-card”. This involves having a combination of four Aces. Conversely, a combination of 3 pairs and 2 Aces is known as a “full house“.


As you can see, Let it Ride poker is a game you can enjoy with your friends. Indeed, playing Let it Ride poker game can be a great way to relax and have fun. Learn the Let it Ride poker rules, try the game and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll enjoy it.