Easy Card Games for Two Players

Easy card games for two players are a fun way to spend time with friends.

Some even believe that the concentration required to play card games like Sixty Six, Go Fish or Slap Jack can be a form of mindful gambling that helps train the brain.

You don’t have to have a lot of people to play card games, either. In fact, there is a wide range of easy card games for two players.

Easy Card Games for 2 Players: Top 5

Here is our top list of the easy two person card games. Also, You can read more about the best card games for 3 people.

1. Sixty-Six – Easy Card Game for Two


Sixty-Six is an exciting and strategic card game for two players that originated in Germany. The goal of the game is to be the first player to score 66 points or more by winning tricks and collecting valuable cards.

How to play Sixty-Six

Playing Sixty-Six requires a specialized deck of 24 cards, ranging from 9 to Ace in each suit. Each player is dealt six cards, with the rest forming a face-down draw pile and the top card flipped face up to begin the discard pile.

The player to the dealer’s left starts the first trick by placing a card face up in the center. Opponents must follow suit if possible, or play any card if they can’t.

The highest card of the led suit wins the trick and the winner leads the next. Aces are always high. Winners collect the cards from tricks won.

Points are tallied during and at the end of each round. The first to reach 66 points wins. Points are awarded for winning the last trick, winning the majority of tricks, having the highest trump card in a trick, and announcing “twenty” before an opponent wins a trick.

Players may opt to “tap” instead of drawing a card if they believe they can reach 66 points. The opponent then gets one more turn. If they don’t reach 66 points, the tapper wins; otherwise, the opponent does.

The game continues until one player wins a predetermined number of rounds, typically best of three or five, depending on preference.

Note: Sixty-Six has various regional rules, so players should agree on specifics before playing.

2. Go Fish

Go Fish is an easy card game for two. The main goal is to collect sets of four cards of the same rank, so-called “books”, by asking the opponents for specific cards from their hands.

How to play Go Fish

Go Fish is best played with a standard 52-card deck, but there are also variants played with specialized decks. Deal an equal number of cards to each player, usually 5 or 7 cards for a standard game.

Players start with the player to the left of the dealer and take turns asking an opponent for a card of a certain rank. For example, a player might ask: “Do you have any threes?”

If the opponent has any threes, they must give them all to the asking player, who then puts them aside and continues their turn by asking another player for cards.


If the asking player does not have any of the requested cards, he responds with “Go Fish!” The asking player then draws a card from the deck.

But if the drawn card has the same rank as the one requested, a new turn is given. If not, the game moves on to the next player.

When a player collects a set of four cards of the same rank, he places them face up on the table as a “book”. The game continues until all the books have been collected from the players’ hands.

If a player runs out of cards in his/her hand, he/she can draw five more cards from the deck. If the deck runs out of cards, the game continues without a draw.

The game ends when all books have been collected. The player with the most books wins. If there is a tie, the player with the most cards in total wins.

3. Gin Rummy – Simple Card Game for 2

Gin Rummy is a fun variation of the classic card game Rummy. It’s usually played with two decks of cards, but you can use just one deck if that’s all you have. Since Gin Rummy requires some mental math, it’s a great card game for 2 people.

How to play Gin Rummy

To play Gin Rummy, you’ll need a standard 52-card deck and two players. Follow these steps:

Start by shuffling the deck thoroughly and dealing ten cards to each player. Place the remaining cards facedown to form the draw pile, and flip the top card over to start the discard pile.

Players take turns in a clockwise direction. On your turn, you have two options:

  1. Draw: Take the top card from the draw pile.
  1. Discard: Choose one card from your hand to discard onto the discard pile.

The objective is to form sets or runs with the cards in your hand. A set consists of three or four cards of the same rank, while a run consists of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit.

Once you have a valid hand, you can choose to “knock” if you believe your unmatched cards total ten points or fewer. To knock, discard one card face down and declare the end of the round.

Your opponent then has a chance to lay off any unmatched cards onto your sets or runs. They can also create new sets or runs using any of their cards.

After laying off or creating sets and runs, both players reveal their hands. Calculate the points in the unmatched cards of the player who knocked.

If the knocker’s points are fewer than or equal to their opponent’s, they score the difference as a bonus. But if the knocker’s points are lower, their opponent scores the difference instead.

If a player has Gin (all cards in valid sets or runs), they can declare Gin and end the round immediately, scoring a bonus.

The game continues with subsequent rounds until one player reaches a predetermined total score, typically 100 points or more.


4. Garbage (Trash)

Trash, sometimes known as Garbage, is an excellent card game for those who like slower games that require thinking and strategy. 

The aim of the game: be the first player to get rid of all their cards until you have only one left. 

But the unique game mechanics make it a fun challenge for both adults and children.

How to play the Trash card game

To play the Trash card game, start by dealing 10 cards face down in two rows of five to each player. This forms the playing field, with the rest of the deck placed face down between the players.

Begin the game by having the youngest player draw a card from the deck. If the drawn card is numbered between ace and 10, use it to replace the face-down card in its corresponding position from left to right in the top row. For instance, if you draw a five, replace the last card in the top row with it.

The replaced card is then turned face up. If it can replace any other face-down card, repeat the process. However, if the card in that position is already face up or if you draw a jack, queen, or joker, discard the drawn card and end your turn.

Kings are wild cards and can be placed in any location at any time.

Turns continue in this manner until a player has all 10 cards face up in the order from ace to 10, ending Round 1. Shuffle the cards and begin the next round, with the winning player going first and having only nine cards to exchange.

As the game advances, players reduce the number of cards in their field after each win. The player who loses receives the same number of cards as in the previous round. The game ends when a player has only one card remaining in their field and wins that round.

5. Slap Jack


Slapjack offers an entertaining and lively experience suitable for both children and adults alike. The primary goal of the game is to gather all the jacks by being the first to slap each jack as it appears in the center.

How to Play Slap Jack

Slap Jack is ideally played with a complete 52-card deck, including jokers. However, if some cards are missing, it doesn’t affect the gameplay, as long as all the jacks (or other fours) are present.

Deal the cards evenly to each player. In cases where there are more than two players or an incomplete deck, resulting in uneven piles, it’s acceptable.

With everyone’s cards neatly stacked in front of them, the player to the left of the dealer starts by placing a card face up in the center of the table. This action continues swiftly in a clockwise manner until a jack is dealt.

When a jack emerges, all players must attempt to slap it as swiftly as possible. In instances where multiple players hit the jack simultaneously, the one whose hand lands directly atop the jack emerges victorious.

Upon winning, the player claims the jack along with all the cards underneath it. These cards are then shuffled and placed face down into the player’s existing stack.

If a player mistakenly slaps a card that isn’t a jack, they must relinquish one of their cards, chosen randomly, to the player who dealt that card.

In the event that a player loses all their cards, they can endeavor to regain cards by remaining in the game until the next jack is revealed. However, if they fail to beat that jack and secure a victory, they are eliminated from the game.

Conclusion of Easy Card Games for 2 Players

In conclusion, whether you are looking for a fast-paced game like SlapJack or a more strategic challenge like Sixty-Six, there are a lot of easy card games for 2 players to enjoy. 


What are some easy card games for 2 players❓

Some simple card games for 2 include Sixty-Six, Go Fish, Gin Rummy, Trash (Garbage), and Slap Jack.

How do you play Sixty-Six❓

Sixty-Six is played with a deck of 24 cards, aiming to score 66 points or more by winning tricks and collecting valuable cards. Players take turns leading tricks and scoring points based on specific rules.

What is the objective of Go Fish❓

The main goal of Go Fish is to collect sets of four cards of the same rank, known as “books,” by asking opponents for specific cards from their hands.

How is Gin Rummy played❓

Gin Rummy is played in rounds where players draw and discard cards to reach 100 points. Points are scored based on different card combinations, with the objective of forming melds and minimizing deadwood.

What is Trash (Garbage) card game about❓

Trash, also known as Garbage, is a game where players aim to be the first to get rid of all their cards except one. It involves replacing face-down cards with drawn ones to create sequences from Ace to 10.

If easy card games for 2 people are suitable for a party❓

✅ Yes, easy card games for two people are good party games.